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About Immunotherapy

About Immunotherapy

the allergist-trusted solution

Immunotherapy has been allergists’ go-to solution for decades.

Today there are over 1 million Americans treating their allergies with it.

Target the Cause

Immunotherapy just means a medicine that helps your immune system work better. Allergy immunotherapy is designed to train your immune system to heal and defend itself from allergies, boosting your body’s natural defenses. With Open, your physician prescribes a personalized immunotherapy for your specific immune system to target the underlying cause.

Compare this to drug store medications you use like allergy pills, nasal sprays, and inhalers. These are only designed to suppress symptoms without treating the underlying cause, which is why they only provide temporary relief.

Unprecedented Convenience

Immunotherapy is an advanced treatment that previously required regular injections, given at weekly visits to your doctor’s office. These regular office visits were both painfully inconvenient and expensive for patients.

Modern innovations in care allow Open to deliver your care at-home without any needles. Next we’ll learn how.


  • Immunotherapy improves your immune system to treat the underlying cause of your allergies, unlike drugstore medications
  • Open’s allergy care allows this innovative medicine to be delivered at-home without painfully inconvenient and expensive office visits