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True Open Care

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Multi-Faceted Solutions

Allergy Immunotherapy

Open’s allergy immunotherapy is the core of our allergy treatment. We pair it with additional strategies for further protection.

Daily Antihistamine

A daily non-drowsy antihistamine is included in your care packages. We use it to mitigate day-to-day allergy spikes and proactively reduce risk of side effects. This is free to you (replaces your Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra…) an estimated $19 value in savings each month.

Environmental Strategies

You may also receive environmental adaptation strategies from your Open Care Team to reduce your exposure to harmful allergens. Check the notes on your Care Plan’s consults to see any advice.

Ongoing Care

At Open, we believe true care requires ongoing support. We don’t prescribe medication and disappear. Your Open Care Team will follow up with you to make sure you are on track with your care and that you are enjoying the results.

And if you ever have any questions, reach out to your Open Care Team directly at to assist you.


  • As part of your Open Care, you get world-class allergy immunotherapy, free daily antihistamines, and ongoing care from your Open Care Team