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Open Allergy Specialist
Allergy Symptoms
Target the Cause

Target the Cause

Address the underlying cause

Your allergies are deeper than a cough or sneeze, but drugstore treatments simply mask symptoms.

Target your unique allergies

Our allergy specialists build a personal care plan designed for you.

Enjoy full coverage care

Our care plans cover pets to pollen all year round.

Allergist-Trusted Care

Allergist-Trusted Care

Prescribed by licensed allergy specialists

Get quality medical advice from US-licensed doctors with years of experience treating allergies like yours.

Trusted by the experts

Enjoy world-class care internationally renowned as the standard of care in allergy treatment.

Open Allergy Specialist Collaboration
Open At-Home Care
Unparalleled Convenience

Unparalleled Convenience

No time wasted at the doctor

Allergy shots cost patients a full 40 hours per year, an entire work week of time. Get your time back with at-home care.

No painful needles

Skip the regular injections of allergy shots.
No prick. No blood. No bandaids.

Top Quality Prescriptions

Top Quality Prescriptions

Medicine built to win

Benefit from prescription medicine that has helped millions of Americans overcome their allergies.

Support beyond the Rx

Enjoy ongoing support from your Open Care Team who ensure you stay on the right path to being done with your allergies.

Open Care Team

research-backed care

Care for your Allergies with Open Labs

Start today with a free personal allergy care plan. No credit card required.

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