Our Story

OPEN Is Made for Allergy Sufferers, by Allergy Sufferers.

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OPEN was born because we understand your pain. Like you our founder Timblin has suffered with allergies his whole life. It made him miserable with the red itchy eyes and constant congestion. Like millions of Americans, he sought the best treatment available so that he could begin to live his life without this unneeded burden. For 10 years he continued with weekly doctor’s visits and painful shots. Although he began to feel better, he soon realized he was trading one disruption for another. Allergies made him miserable, but the inconvenience of shots were just as bad.

After beginning higher education at the University of Pennsylvania, he didn’t have the time to go to the doctor’s office every week and he definitely did not want to feel the pain of another needle going into his arm. From this problem, he found a solution. What if you could get the same quality of care, but skip the doctor’s office and avoid the painful needles? After years of research and development built on international medical research, OPEN was created.

Using a sublingual method of induction for FDA-approved antigens, Timblin was able to live his life freely and self-administer his allergy medication on the go. The vision Timblin had for his life after years of struggling through his own allergy therapy is now a reality.

Today, OPEN is challenging the current path of allergy immunotherapy so you can live an OPEN life without restrictions.

Timblin | Founder